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Vaccine Clinic December 8, 2021

Where: Castlefrank Elementary School 55 McCurdy Drive Kanata

Information: Information on these clinics and hours will also be made available on our OPH website:

A virtual tour for the COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics can be found here:

Please take note parents/guardians, that if they have ANY symptoms or are supposed to be isolating they are NOT to attend these clinics, otherwise everyone else is more than welcome!

COVID-19 Testing at Holy Redeemer School Dec 1, 2021



Just a reminder that Friday, December 3 , 2021 is a PD DAY.


Parking continues to be a major concern once again this year. We continuously observe unsafe situations in front of the school, and in our parking lot involving our students. We ask our Parents to “walk a block”. This means parking on one of the adjacent side streets, and walking over to the school to pick up your child. We also ask that you do not use our parking lot during pick up time, and drop off. Please do not drop off or pick up your child in front of the entrance to the bus lanes, this is very dangerous.

I had yet another conversation with Joseph, our crossing guard on Friday, and he reminded me of the concerns for his safety, and the children around him when cars drop and pick up directly in front of the crosswalk/driveway to the school, and make u turns in front of the crosswalk. This is very dangerous and puts both Joesph and children at risk.

We ask that no cars be in our Bus Loading Zone between 8:00 - 8:30 AM and 2:30 - 3:15 PM. This practice is in place to ensure the safety of both our students and staff.

School Website

We encourage all of our Parents/Guardians to check our Holy Redeemer website daily during the week. Updated information from the Board is published, as well as weekly updates from the school, as well as important dates which are listed on the school calendar. We also ask all parents to use the OPH screening tool which is also located on our website. Please take note that the information that is on weekly updates will also be sent via school messenger.

Yellow Bus

Just a reminder to check the OSTA website each morning as bus cancelations can happen anytime.

Put a hop in your step and make walking to school fun!

Hop! Is a new app that encourages elementary school students in Ottawa to choose walking first. By logging their walks on Hop! Children will learn the environmental benefits of walking, and in-app challenges will celebrate their steps and keep them motivated.

Hop! Is a free, progressive web-app created by EnviroCentre and OSTA – it can be downloaded and used by anyone!

Click here to learn more about Hop!

Or click here to download it now and start logging your child’s walks:

Fence Update

Installation of a fence in the upper yard, is complete.

Rapid Antigen Tests / Take Home Test Kits

The Board will be seeking clarification regarding the shipments of RAPID ANTIGEN TESTS and their use in our schools. To date, we have not received any shipments. We will receive further direction from the Board in the very near future regarding these Rapid Antigen Tests for students/ staff.

Take Home Kits

Take home kits are available to Parents for children with Tier 1 symptoms or children who have been deemed a HRC. Please take note that from Mon-Thurs courier pick up at the school is once a day, and pick up is generally before 2:00 pm. If you are unable to bring back a testing kit to the school before this time, the kits can be dropped off at testing sights. The office can provide you with a list of sights and their hours of operation should this situation arise. If you do drop off the kit at the school after 2:00 PM from Mon-Thurs, then it will be given to the courier the next day. We follow OPH guidelines, and the test kit will be stored in a freezer bag packed with ice. Generally the turn around time for results has been within 24 hours or even less. Please be advised that this changes on Friday. We do not receive kits after the courier pick up on Friday which is generally around 2:00 PM, as the turn around time for the test is not what OPH has recommended. These kits will need to be dropped off at a testing sight. Should you come across this circumstance, we can provide you with the list of drop off sites.

Ottawa Public Health

Over the past week, we have been working with Ottawa Public Health to manage the covid cases and outbreak. There is a process to follow, and that process is directed by Ottawa Public Health. The communication that is sent to Parents is directed, and given by OPH. We ask our Parents/Guardians to read this information carefully, and take direction from it. From the beginning of the year we have have been very fortunate to have been partnered with Ottawa Public Health nurse, Kate Kenmir RN. We have been so fortunate to have Nurse Kenmir’s expertise over the past 3 months.

We received news that Nurse Kenmir will now be moving to a different department. We certainly thank Nurse Kenmir for all the work that she has done for the Holy Redeemer School Community. So much of this work and effort is behind the scenes, and we certainly want to acknowledge this.

Thank you Nurse Kenmir.

Nurse Kenmir has been replaced by Jessica Nguyen RN. This transition has already taken place. A team from OPH has visited Holy Redeemer this past week. We await any feedback they can give our community and school.

OPH has also sent out a reminder to our community to never hesitate to contact OPH should they have questions regarding health issues. Nurse Nguyen is available to answer any questions that our Parents have.

OPH work is extensive, and the process is time consuming. We appreciate everything that they do for our community.

Advent Liturgy

We will begin our week with a virtual advent liturgy. We thank our students and teachers for the work that goes into this recording.

Anti Bullying Week

The week was a very busy week, so unfortunately not every class was able to have been given the Principal presentation. This we hope, will occur this week. The synopsis of this presentation is posted on our website.

The Golden Rule story was also read to the students, and remains such an important mainstay for Holy Redeemer.

Our Kindness walls will remain active for the entire season of lent. We hope to share these wonderful acts of kindness with you over the weeks to come.

Holy Redeemer Bus Numbers



Beginning Nov 29, 2021 the E111 (Pink Bus PM) will be cancelled. The anticipated date of return is Dec 6, 2021.


E 109 Brown

P 31 AM / E-111 PM Pink

V 189 Red

V 148 AM /V 126 PM Blue

V 25 Green

V 28 Purple


V Voyago 613 836 0502

P Premier 613 253 8863

E First Student 613 688 0653

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