School News

Holy Redeemer Bus Numbers


E 109 Brown

P 08 AM / E-111 PM Pink

V 189 Red

V 148 AM /V 21 PM Blue

V 25 Green

V 28 Purple


V Voyago 613 836 0502

E First Student 613 688 0653

School Calendar

Holy Redeemer Weekly Update September 20 - September 24, 2021

Parent Council Elections

-Information has been posted to our website and sent via school messenger regarding the Parent Council Elections which will occur on September 29, 2021

Federal Election September 20, 2021

-Holy Redeemer Catholic School is a designated polling station for the September 20, 2021 Federal Election.

We are working, and have been working with Elections Canada to ensure that all OPH protocol and safety measures will be in place for the day. Please take note that Elections Canada will only be using our Gymnasium.

Curriculum Night

-Due to the OPH guidelines, we will be keeping the same practice in place that took place last year. Teachers will be sending home a power point on September 22, 2021 that will include things such as, schedules, curriculum expectations, routines, evaluations, communication .

Fire Drills/Lockdown

-Our 2nd Fire Drill practice took place on Friday, September 17, 2021. We are required to partake in 6 practice Fire Drills during the school year. We will have one more practice fire drills in the summer/fall and 3 practice fire drills in the spring. Our teachers have gone over procedures with our students with regards to Lockdown procedures by way of a Safe School's created Power point. The lockdown is a proven police and emergency response to protect students and staff from harm by creating safe places in a hurry.

Entry / Dismissal

-Thank you to parents for your assistance in the entry and dismissal of our students. These guidelines were collaborated and developed with the assistance of OPH to ensure safety for our students, staff, and parents.

Bus Update

-OSTA update on the Blue Bus V- 148 AM route. Cancelled until further notice

Bus Loading Zone/ Drop Off /Pick UP

-This is just a reminder that the entrance to the Bus Loading zone is not a drop off and pick up area. We ask the parents. We continue to give the following directions which were collaborated on with our Ottawa Police School Resource Officer.

Please park a block away, and walk to the school during pick up and drop off. Pylons will be placed across the bus lanes to prevent cars from entering this area as a reminder during these times. Your cooperation and assistance is greatly appreciated in ensuring the safety of our students and staff. We ask that you do not park in our parking lot. Our students do walk through this area, and we want to ensure their safety. Please note that the much of McCurdy Drive in front, and to the West of the school is no parking. This is an area of concern, and it is only when everyone cooperates, can we make this process safe for our children.