Our school respectfully acknowledges that we are located on the ancestral, traditional and unceded Indigenous territory of the Algonquin Peoples, 
on whose territory we pray, learn, play and work.

School Staff


  • M. Legg/C. Bradley/C. Price
  • C. Bradley/M. Legg/L. Gordon
  • N. Belaire/ T. MacTavish
  • H. Borutskie/K. Unger (Virtual)
Primary (English)
  • C. Brennan
  • E. McStravick
  • C. Scully
  • K. Berryhill
  • E. Caron
  • D. Hubert (Virtual)
  • C. Sullivan
  • K. Nelson
  • C. Gale
Junior (English)
  • J. Ault
  • B. Kajubili
  • S. Kalil
  • P. Moss
  • J. Madge
  • N. Light
  • N. Massei
  • C. Preston
  • E. Goold
  • R. Helbecque
  • K. McCaffrey ( Virtual)
  • M.Legg
  • L. Colasante
  • J. Wagner
  • E. Pharand
  • L. Addison
  • B. Kajubili
  • C. Queen
Library Technician
  • F. Randall
Educational  Assistants
  • M. Friis
  • J. Carnegie
  • J. Guerard
  • J. Tuzo
  • I. Breadman
  • S. Marshall
  • M. Kelly
  • N. Paquette
  • M. Carter
  • G. Doiron
  • R. Mertu
Educational Interpreter
  • L. O'Hare
  • S. Clement

Office Administrator
  •  S. Cannon
  • E. Benjamin
  • N. Lyons
  • G. Oke
  • B. Oliver
Vice Principal
  • C. Queen

About Our School

School Philosophy

The Ottawa Catholic School Board Mission Statement outlines the philosophy, values and beliefs of the Board. The Mission statement states: "In partnership with home, parish and community, the Ottawa Catholic School Board ensures that the teachings and values of Jesus Christ are integrated in all aspects of school life. By providing the necessary resources for quality Catholic education, the Board supports the development of lifelong learners striving for academic excellence in a nurturing, safe and vibrant community. All individuals are challenged to become responsible and contributing citizens in an increasingly complex and diverse world."

The philosophy of Holy Redeemer is based on this mission statement. Our school will always be one where the needs of our students are of the utmost importance. Holy Redeemer Catholic School will always be a warm, inviting and caring place. It is a place where the parents can feel that they are an integral part of the school community.
.School Profile

Our school is a Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6 school.  It is located in Kanata, Ontario, approximately 20 km west of Ottawa. The Holy Redeemer staff, parents and Holy Redeemer parish team are committed to providing your children with the best opportunities for spiritual, social growth and academic excellence. With your support and assistance we can achieve our goal.
.School Schedule

Period One




Period Two




Period Three




Period Four


Closing Message

We welcome the new families in our community. We encourage you to become involved in the school as interested parents, as parent volunteers and as active supporters of the Holy Redeemer School Council. This web page is only one of the many ways we communicate with our partners in education. To further promote open communication, our school newsletter is located on the school website along with a calendar of events.

We look forward to working with you to enhance your child(ren)’ s educational experiences!

Activities, Clubs & Teams


Choir - Blog
Tech Club
Art Club
Chess Club
Social Justice
Kids Marathon
EarthCare Club

Affiliated Schools

Holy Trinity High School

180 Katimavik Road, Kanata
Phone;  613-591-9955

Our Parish

Holy Redeemer Catholic Church

44 Rothesay Drive, Kanata
phone: 613-836-1764