Weekly Update Sept 14 - 18, 2020

posted Sep 13, 2020, 8:45 AM by Barry Oliver
Busing - Busing will begin on Monday Sept 14.  

Bus Routes for Holy Redeemer - E 109  (Brown Bus)   V 129 AM  E 114 PM (Pink Bus)   V 189 (Red Bus)   V 21 (Blue)   V 25 (Green)  V 28 (Purple)
Seat assignments have been given out by teachers.  It is important that students remain in these seats at all times.

Routines - Focus continues to be for our school/community to teach our students and each other these new protocols.  It is very important for students to maintain social distancing when they are on the yard, and play within their designated cohort. Social Emotional Learning, Samaritans on a Digital Road are focuses within every classroom this week

Entry/Dismissal - Some slight changes to these procedures due to busing.  Please see announcement regarding Entry/Dismissal.

Staffing - We will keep Parents/Guardians updated on staffing adjustments due to student choice of distance learning.

Parent Council - Self nomination forms are due Sept 18, 2020.  Please see information that is located under the Catholic School Council tab.

Practice Fire Drill - We will be scheduling a practice fire drill this week.  Our evacuation ensures physical distancing in accordance with public health guidance.